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Remove odors, staining, sediment and harmful contaminants

There are three categories of contaminants that affect water quality, physical, biological and chemical. Water treatment options vary depending upon the cause of the problem. If you're concerned about your family's health, an annual water contamination test will ensure the quality of your water supply.  As has been seen in the news lately, contaminants are a reality. If your drinking water looks, smells, or tastes “funny", we can help, but water contamination is often undetectable with no visible signs of a problem until an illness appears.


There are many ways for a water well to become contaminated. Water located near an agricultural or industrial areas may contain harmful organic material. Chemicals from these sources may increase cancer risk and create reproductive problems. They can cause eye, liver, kidney and skin issues.  The environmental Protection Agency has standards for acceptable levels for more than 80 contaminants. 


Annual testing often reveals common contaminants such as:


Water treatment options such as UV light, distillation, ozone, and filtration are available to alleviate most of these problems. There are point of entry options that can treat the water as it enters your home, and point of use options like activated carbon filters and distillation that are attached or near a tap making use easy. 


We recommend that you contact us to have your water tested annually. A Skillings and Sons water quality expert will test your homes water, determine if you have contaminants in your well or municipal water supply, and offer affordable options for treatment.